The Reading, Part I

So, on Friday I pulled my novel out of its cabinet. It blinked its eyes and tried to scurry back into the dark, but I held firm to the binder and dragged it out onto the bright, sunny porch (we had no power). I sat  on the porch with a cup of coffee, a glass […]

Fact vs. Fiction

Blogger note: Well, I’m already behind. Since I made my first post a week ago Friday I thought I’d stick to that schedule. A ‘main post’ each Friday, and an update here or there earlier in the week. I’d prepared most of the text for this post earlier with the intention of getting it up […]

Is it Always Going to be Like This?

Hurrah for me! Yesterday I got an e-mail telling me that one of my short stories was posted on Time Frame, a new, online site promoting the arts. My story, a bit of flash fiction called On the Line, was first conceived last fall. I originally planned to enter it in a ‘100 words or […]

Re-read, Revise…Procrastinate

Some time soon, perhaps as early as today, I’m going to embark on one of the most frightening exercises of my life. It’s an activity that I’ve been eager to get to, but terrified to start. In fact, writing this means I’m almost certainly going to delay this activity until tomorrow, if not next week. […]