Move Along, Folks…

…there’s nothing to see here. Some days, you just don’t have much to say. Today is one of those days. It probably would have been better to post nothing, than to post something that says nothing. If you’re unhappy that you’ve come all the way over here for this, my apologies. I’ll do better on […]

Genius at Work

“I feel that a straightforward statement of my original intent robs the listener of personal associations and replaces them with my own.” – Robert Hunter   My daughter’s class recently completed a unit centered on Thornton Wilder’s Our Town. As part of the unit each student interviewed a member of the community they admired, developed […]


Another Monday. A bleary Monday. The wife had to run an event in town this weekend. It involved coordinating vendors and setting up a street fair (actually, a parking lot fair, but ‘street fair’ sounds much better) on Saturday. We had ourselves a nice, fourteen hour day. On Sunday we were back, this time she […]

The Shadow Man

A few days before I launched this blog, I woke up screaming from a nightmare for the first time in years. In the dream I stood on a small ladder, my head stuck through a small hatchway as I inspected my attic. In typical dream fashion, it only looked a little like my real attic, […]

Grinding Away

I continued to make headway on my novel over the weekend. I’m approximately 80 pages into the revision work, and now we’re in the sticky part. The first 70 pages or so went well. I was happy with the changes I’ve been making. More importantly, I’m largely happy with my original writing. Oh, there are […]

The Name Game

It must be something in the air; or in the electrons. There’s no other explanation. Last week, while thinking about future posts for this blog, I was thinking about names; specifically, my difficulty in coming up with them. Imagine my surprise to read these two posts this week, plus this thread on Absolute Write. We […]

The Weekend Update

Not too much happened on the writing front over the weekend. We left Thursday afternoon for my brother-in-law’s house and returned yesterday. Through the magic of blogger I pre-wrote Friday’s entry on Wednesday and set it up to post Friday morning. Ah, the wonderful world of technology! I brought my notebook with me, in the […]

The Reading, Part II

On Wednesday I finished the first read-through of my novel. It took longer than expected. I got almost halfway through it in a single day; it turned into more of a slog after that. I’m happy to say that it wasn’t slow-going because I had to vomit into a bucket every page or two. No, […]