Living in Central New York, I hoped we would escape the brunt of Hurricane Irene. And I suppose we did. For several days I watched the hurricane tracker and noticed with alarm how the impact line kept shifting to the west. First it was going to pass to the east of Oneonta, then it was […]

However Much I Booze

I’m feeling very frustrated at the moment. Not with my writing in general. Since coming back from last week’s trip, I’ve been able to get back into the groove on Parallel Lives and make some more headway. I also think I’ve gotten a tweak to the late part of the story to make, one that […]

Flash Monday

I know that if you want to publish something, you don’t post it on a public website. I never had any illusions that this piece would be published anywhere; it’s too short, and isn’t really a story, exactly, but it’s finished. It’s got no place to go from here (at least not as far as […]

Back Home Filler Post

At least I’m honest, eh? Stumbled in last night around seven after driving 600+ miles, so the brain is a little empty. Here’s something real old. Gotta love the hair and clothing of the early 70’s. Now to catch up on all the blogs and forums, etc., etc. Have a nice weekend, all.

Musical Monday

Just to prove I can and do enjoy more modern music that what I’ve previously posted, here’s Florence and the Machine, from an appearance on David Letterman last December. Enjoy. I’ve always been a sucker for women rockers; I love Florence’s voice and her style (heavy percussion and a harp — what’s not to love?). […]


“I spit out like a sewer hole.” – Pete Townshend, Who Are You [WARNING: There are some actual, honest-to-goodness curse words in here.] I am terrible when it comes to cursing. In the right setting I am capable of letting fly with all manner of expletives, words of vile origin and viler meaning. I’m not […]


First, thanks to all of you who have popped in to take a read and decided to stay as a result of Carrie’s ‘Liebster’ of this space. I appreciate it! Thanks again, Carrie! It’s a nice balance considering I’ve just come through one of the most frustrating weeks of writing that I’ve had since I […]


About a week-and-a-half ago I had one of those dream-like moments. I was in the midst of my morning run-through of blogs and Absolute Write threads when something lit up in my mind: a topic for my next Friday blog post. To that I said,   I continued on my blog tour and went about […]

Musical Monday

First, no ten-minute songs today. I was going to write a post about the soundtrack for my WiP, but changed my mind in the middle of things, and went with this, instead, which actually does figure in my WiP. True story: Many years ago, my wife and I took a trip to Martha’s Vineyard from […]