Monday Musing

Random bits and pieces of thought on this final Monday of February. *First, having seen this, I may have to reconsider last Monday’s post. The man could wield a mighty axe, that’s for sure. *Watched the Academy Awards for the first time in I don’t know how many years last night. It makes me realize […]

Should I, or Shouldn’t I?

A few weeks back, I asked the question do you Need to Know? in regards to what sure looks like my new WiP. There was some back and forth on this, over how much you needed to know, compared to how much my characters would know. To summarize, Some Great Event was going to plunge […]


Donna K. Weaver tagged me this weekend. Not oly did she tag me, she had the decency to notify me ahead of time that I had been tagged, AND gave me the taggy question things in advance. Now, with the Origins blogfest last week and the 11 Questions thing the week before, I admit I’m […]

What a Week

Wow, it’s been quite a week. The Origins blogfest exhausted me. It was a lot of fun digging that old story out and pulling excerpts from it; I’m glad my mother saved it, and I’m glad I didn’t just toss it in the circular file when I found it. I’ve really enjoyed visiting other blogs […]


One day Allen Foster and his friends Billy Jorgenson, Laura Cummings, and Mary Sandoff were driving to Centerpoint when Billy said, “We’re almost out of gas.” “Oh, great!” Allen said with a look of disgust on his face. “We’ll be stuck out here in the middle of nowhere! The next town is nearly 15 miles […]


Carrie Butler and Lisa L. Regan both tapped me this week, for this ‘11 questions’ thing. I was getting all set to break out the Origins post for today, before realizing that’s actually next week, so I should play along. Being a member of a particular generation I can never see the number 11 and […]

Monday Musing: The Ovechhead

No one would ever think of Alexander Ovechkin, international hockey star, as being a writer. And yet, he’s got a great piece of advice in this commercial from a couple of years back, when he was shilling for CCM: In the event the sound (or the Ovechhead’s accent) isn’t clear, he says, “No one ever […]

Bizarre Customs

I WOKE UP YESTERDAY MORNING to the sound of the Kinks singing that gender-bending classic, “Lola”. I flailed around in complete disorientation until I found the proper button to turn the whole thing off, and then had one of those whacko bursts of inspiration that we love so much. I sat up, suddenly wide awake, […]