World of Warcraft: An Origins Story

Earlier this week, Blizzard Entertainment released the fourth expansion for their hugely-popular World of Warcraft game. Mists of Pandaria adds new levels of gameplay, new race (Panda people!?), a new class, and all kind of other nifty new features. It also marks the first expansion I will not be playing since joining shortly after the […]

Anne Rice Gives Advice

Before there was Edward Cullen, there was Lestat. Before there was the Cullen ‘family’, there was the Theatre des Vampires. Before there was Stephenie Meyer, there was Anne Rice. Rice is the author of the bestselling Vampire Chronicles, a series which have sold more than 80 million copies since the debut of Interview With The […]

Mugshots, A Disorganized Rant

I actually had at least two different posts in semi-stages of completion heading into the end of this week. “I’m in good shape,” I said to myself. “No problem this time around. Just, which post do I go with?” Until yesterday happened. Actually, what happened happened two days ago. On that day, International Talk Like […]

Monday Musing

Good morning, all. Hope you had a pleasant weekend. No super-coherent post today (as opposed to any other time, hah hah), just some random bits and pieces from the brain. *Don’t you just love it when you get a new idea? I was reading a book yesterday afternoon that sparked a line of thought, that […]

Fake Reviews

Whoa. How did it get to be Friday already? It’s been about two months since author Stephen Leather dropped the news that he used sock puppets to create buzz about his work (it’s buried deep). Since Leather’s admission, there have been at least three other cases of authors being outed for employing sock puppets. We’ve […]

Carrie Butler’s Cover: STRENGTH

Carrie Butler, of So, You’re a Writer has a book coming out, and today is cover release day! She was one of my first followers, and she’s a hockey fan to boot, so how could I pass up the opportunity to help out? I couldn’t. So, here’s the deal on Strength: When college student Rena […]

Is There Anybody Out There?

Back during the Sad Songs Bloghop, I listed this as one of the saddest songs going. You may have to turn it up to really hear. I thought of this song this week, not because I’m especially sad, but because sometimes it feels like the only person in the world who doesn’t write YA. I […]

Musical Monday: Your Racist Friend

The Magpie has been in touch with one of her friends from home, a girl I’ll call the Robin. The Robin is an outgoing, cheerful young lady, all Rainbows and Unicorns, who evidently got socked with her own case of The Second Week Blues at her college. She also had an experience that made me […]