Open Mic Monday

Image by JF Sebastian I’ll admit it, I’m copping out today. I’m cranky and tired and suffering from a sore throat and less than stellar sleep last night, so rather than complaining about the Oscars last night (We Saw Your Boobs–really? That’s how you honor the leading ladies?), or meandering off on some other tangent, […]

‘Write the Story You Want to Read’

When I started ‘head writing’ my guest post for Bonnee last week, I thought I was going to end up with something different than what she asked for. It started shading from ‘why I write’ to ‘why I write what I write’, but once I started really writing the post, I worked my way back […]

Monday Musing

Hey, all, not much on my mind today, still recovering from the whirlwind week of traveling. Thanks to Bonnee Crawford for hosting me on Thursday or Friday last week; my guest post–Why I Write–is still there for your viewing pleasure. It’s funny how ideas spawn ideas. When I first started head-drafting my guest post for […]

Off to Australia!

Hey, all, I’m breaking my normal Monday-Friday pattern to let you know I’m off in Australia, braving Tasmanian devils and horribly poisonous spiders (no, no pictures this time!) to guest post at Bonnee Crawford’s today. The Blogging of an Aspiring Writer: Guest Post – Why I Write Bonnee asked me to do a post on […]

Musical Monday: End of the Line

Ah, the Traveling Wilburys: George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne. Sadly, by the time they got around to making this video, Orbison had passed on from a heart attack. They got together again in 1990 for a follow-up, which had some good songs, but (wisely) decided not to tour, and not […]

A lot of time and analysis these days is spent on examining women in the media and rethinking how they are presented. We want—we need—to see more quality presentation of women and girls in movies and TV in particular (books are far better at presenting women who are not merely arm- or eye-candy, or there […]

Musical Monday: February 3, 1959

On this day in rock and roll history: Which, of course, spawned this hit some thirteen years later: Back in the Dark Ages, we had a record player, and we had American Pie on a 45. I know some of you know what that’s all about. I remember the song would fade out after, I […]

Just Write It

There was a big brouhaha on Absolute Write a week or two ago over a piece of advice frequently handed out there. It’s advice that is surely dispensed wherever writers gather, be it an internet forum, a conference, a book signing, or a café in Paris. The advice: Just Write It. I’ve given this advice […]