IN Honor of the recent airing of the Dr. Who 50th Anniversary special, I’m going back in time. This is what I wrote Saturday morning, November 23 on the calendar for those keeping score at home. It was going to run on Monday, but I had a breakthrough shortly after putting these words to paper, […]

I’m ON the Motherf***er

(Warning note: repeated use of a Very Bad Word) If you’ve hung around this space for any length of time, you’ll know that Pulp Fiction is one of my favorite movies, a film I can’t get enough of, one that sucks me in every time I come across it on the TV. Aside from the […]

The Home Stretch

At this point, there’s a week and a day left to NaNo (or just a week for my friends down under)–how’s it going? Are you absolutely insane yet? Ready to tear out your hair or chuck your computer (or whatever you write upon) out the window? Hopefully you haven’t crumbled under the pressure. Hopefully you’ve […]

Weekend Updates

Nothing especially organized about today’s post, just the ramblings of a confused mind still waiting for his first cup of coffee. – The high school musical was this weekend, an ambitious one this year: “Les Mis.” 2-1/2 months of often grueling rehearsals (the directors of the musical for the past six years in our school […]

Tag, etc.

First, my apologies to all of you. I know you sat around all day waiting for my usual Friday post. Workplace productivity suffered, the market took a tumble, men and women beat their breasts and tore their hair….Or not. Anyway, because I never quite pre-write as much as I want, so that posting is a […]

Musical Monday: Kaleidoscope Heart

Another entry from the marvelous Sara Bareilles. The video is jumpy (no, I wasn’t the one who shot it), but man, can this woman sing. And hearts do have colors, don’t they? I appreciate the input I’ve received so far as far on Friday’s post. Please, keep it coming! Blogger is not exactly great for […]

A Question…

…for my writerly friends out there, specifically those of you who have been published, who have people reading your book(s), who might actually be receiving some form of fan mail: What question is most frequently asked of you by your readers? And when I say ‘readers’, I’m not talking about people like me, i.e., someone […]

A Project

An interesting project has finally come up and started rolling. As I think I’ve said before, I’m part of a writers’ group that meets at a local arts center every Sunday. It’s a nice group of people. We have fun, and once in a while I actually produce something worthwhile (“Last Man Standing”, published this […]

Unsolicited NaNo Advice

I feel uniquely qualified in offering up unsolicited advice for all of you intrepid NaNo’ers out there. First, I’ve ‘won’ NaNo, so I have a good idea of what it takes to complete this Herculean task. Second, I’ve lost NaNo, too, so I feel quite confident to call myself an expert. I’ve also been known […]