A New Step

“One step done and another begun and I wonder how many miles”–New Speedway Boogie, Robert Hunter/Jerry Garcia Entering senior year of high school, my biggest concern wasn’t whether or not I’d get to go to the college of my choice (I did) or whether I’d get to go to the prom with the girl of […]

Do You Or Don’t You?

Conventional wisdom holds that agent-hunting writers should stalk agents on Facebook, Twitter, blogs–whatever social media watering holes agents gather at (yeah, that doesn’t sound at all creepy, does it?). There’s a good reason for this: agency websites are often not updated a whole lot beyond major personnel changes and latest client releases, whereas an agent’s […]


Today’s post comes from the Department of Better Late Than Never. It turned out to be a pretty good day. Despite the fact that it was yet another day of waking up to sub-zero temperatures, and that I could not get my act together in time to get a post out this morning, the day […]

Weekend Update

Hmm, this is one Monday where I feel less prepared than usual. Let’s see, what’s new? -We took the Magpie back to college yesterday, and already the house seems much quieter. Sadly, her roommate had to leave school at the midpoint and she was assigned a new roomie. The good news is, they seem to […]

Yeah, I’m Behind the Times

O M G L O L Back when I played World of Warcraft, there was a leader of another guild who was friends (possibly in real life, though I’m not 100% sure) with a member of our guild. The other guild was a pretty serious raiding guild, whereas our was not. They did mostly 25-man […]

Last 10 (almost) Books

Way back in March I saw someone somewhere do a  blog post–or hop, or meme–asking about the last 10 books you’ve read, and how you heard about them. I started a post on it, then dropped it because I think I got distracted by…well, something…and then ended up forgetting it all together. Well, here I […]

Tyrion Lannister and the Ugly Stick

I mentioned in my post last week that Ned Stark was probably my favorite character in Game of Thrones, but it was neck-and-neck with a character that I was pre-conditioned to dislike: The Imp, Tyrion Lannister. For those of you not familiar with the story, Tyrion is a dwarf, and this is how he was […]

Monday Musing: Being Limited

We live in a world that is being increasingly sorted. Whenever I log into Facebook, the same posts from the same people just keep popping up to the top of my feeder, never mind that I already saw it on Friday morning…and Saturday afternoon…and night…and yesterday, and never mind that I didn’t comment or like […]

The Heel Turn

I’ve been circling around something for a while now, posts almost made, but then pulled back, decided on, then undecided on. The post was initially supposed to be about characterization and Game of Thrones, using the fate of Ned Stark as a basis, but I kept backing off. Now, inspired in part by Bonnee’s review […]