Reading Day, Part III

Years ago I was friends with someone who had the uncanny ability to stretch her birthday out from a single day to a week-long celebration. There was the happy hour/dinner with work folks; there was the dinner out with her non-work friends; if she had a boyfriend, there was a birthday dinner with him; and […]

Reading Day, Part II

So, we had our launch party and reading for our Writers’ Circle anthology last night. How did it go, you ask? More coming on Friday, maybe even a couple of pictures. Let’s just say it was a good time, the feedback was great, and now it’s back to ‘the real world’. Hope you all had […]

Reading Day

I’m likely to break with tradition this week and either post twice today, or again tomorrow. It’s my blog, and I can do what I want here, after all. Today is reading day for our Writers’ Circle, beginning around 5:30 the first of our members will take the stage in front of an audience that […]

El Jefe

What a crazy week. A week ago last Saturday, the word got around: the President was coming to town. For the first time since Martin Van Buren nearly two centuries ago, a sitting President of the United States was going to visit Cooperstown. The details were hazy about the President’s agenda and itinerary. No one […]

A Weekend Conversation

On Saturday I ran into one of the Magpie’s friend, the Robin, who is freshly-returned from college for the summer. While talking about school (the curse of every returning college student is they get stuck talking about the same thing whenever they run into any adult they know–when’d ya get back, how did it go, […]

Commencing Countdown

Well, I’ve been back at this for all of a week, and already I’m missing deadlines and not posting what I intended. The truth is, I’ve been working on a post all week, but I’m not quite comfortable with it. It’s a touchy subject (you’ll know it when it runs), and I have to get […]

Weekend Update

Greetings, all, hope everyone had a smashing weekend. There really wasn’t much to report on my front, things were pretty quiet around here. Let’s see…. -The weather has been…warm! Finally! Got in my first cutting on the lawn, which is usually bordering on out of control by the end of April. Mowing the lawn is […]


Hey, did you see this story make the rounds recently?  It seems that, due to a phenomenon known as negative frequency-dependent selection, the more common beards are, the less desirable they become. In a sea of clean-shaven men, the one guy with the beard is likely to get the positive attention, and when all the […]

What’s This Thing Called Blog?

Well, howdy! I’m back, I think. I suppose we’ll know come Friday, when it’s time to post again. I may have something, or not (I think I will; that’s my aim, certainly). Hopefully, you’re all well and enjoying life. I figure I’ll start off easy enough today with some semi-random thoughts and observations. First, submissions. […]