Weekend Update

Greetings! I hope this Monday morning–or whatever time or day you read this–finds you well. Today is more or less random musings and updates, nothing especially well-organized.  -First, I created a ‘Publications’ page. It feels a little funny, doing this, but hey, I’ve got published works, I suppose I need to plug them! I hope […]

Liebster….Sort Of

Bonnee Crawford kindly tapped me for a LiebsterAward. List 11 facts, answer 11 questions, etc. I, however, got hung up on question #5: Was there a character from a kids’ show that you were legitimately afraid of? Yes, yes there was. Bozo the Clown.  Now, before I get into the details, let me say this: […]

Musical Monday: The Wheel

This song has been running through my head quite a bit these past couple of weeks. It could be that I’m in a particular mood lately (see last Monday’s post), or it could be I’ve been listening to a lot of the Grateful Dead’s 1976 summer tour, where this song was in the rotation quite […]

Phrase Nerd Friday: Drinking the Kool-Aid

“I’m not drinking anymore of Lou’s Kool-Aid.”–Mike Danton Mike Danton was just a rookie when he uttered this phrase some time in 2002. He had played all of three games or so with the New Jersey Devils, suffered an injury, then refused assignment to the minor leagues, preferring instead to sit around and do nothing. […]

Monday Musing: Penultimates

Spring is supposed to be the time of  beginning, a time of newness, yet I find myself looking at lasts. Last week, for example, the Catbird performed in the high school’s spring concert, which is the last official performance for that group for the year. Both band and chorus directors acknowledged the seniors in their […]


About a week ago, someone on another forum (not writing related) posted a series of funny pictures, peeled from a website. Here’s one of them: It’s a sticker that you put on your luggage, the sort of thing that will cause, presumably, many a head to turn when you’re wheeling through the airport. Looks like […]

That Was Unexpected

Yesterday, I was out mowing my lawn, an activity made slightly more difficult than normal by the fact that I haven’t done it in two weeks for the front half and three for the back. The good thing is the it-grows-so-fast-it’-put-on-three-inches-in-the-time-it-took-to-read-this part of the season is over; I was able to get the front half […]

Love and Hate (of my words)

It is a sentiment held by many that familiarity breeds contempt. Indeed, there is plenty of reason for this to hold true. Quite often, a person we admire someone from afar turns out to be a total jerkwad when we get to know them. It’s a bit of a letdown, to say the least. I […]

Three Ps: Tips on Readings

I swear, this will be my last post on this sort of thing for a while (at least two weeks, that is; on the 17th, we’re doing another public reading at another local arts center). At least this one is going to be useful–I hope! Many people quake at the notion of reading their work […]