Back In Business

Here I sit, early in the morning trying to bang out a post before work. It’s been a full week since I’ve been on the job, though I did briefly check in on my work e-mail on Friday. I like my job, but it’s sure been nice to be home. Also nice is the fact […]

Happy Boxing Day

On Christmas Eve, somewhere between putting tinsel on the tree (this was my major, last-minute shopping run for the year) and baking a cheesecake for Christmas dessert, we hooked up the VCR–remember those, kids? We still have one, and it still kind of works!–and watched a couple of holiday classics, including A Christmas Story. I […]

The tree is up, though not fully-decorated. Presents are arriving, soon to be wrapped. Now all we need is the food for the feast–and maybe some fresh snow to cover up the old stuff, make it look a little nicer. Thank you all for coming by and reading my mental dribblings, and for commenting on […]

Ranting on The Interview

I am not happy today. Oh, life is fine. The Catbird had two concerts this week, one for her choir, one for the jazz vocal group, that we attended and enjoyed. We had the organization holiday party, we Skyped with the Magpie, ordered a bunch of Christmas gifts–all that is fine. Though progress has slowed […]

Christmas Preparedness, and Music!

Well, well, well, we are just a week and a half away from Christmas and…I am totally not ready for it. I did spend about ten minutes moving some stuff out of the living room yesterday so that we can (eventually) put up a tree and decorate. Because we are ‘live (or, as my brother […]

For Love Or Money

Back at the beginning of the month, when so many of you participate in the Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG), Nick Wilford posted about something many of us worry about: money. It’s something a lot of us worry about, especially in tough financial times. Early in the post, Nick said: “I know that very few […]

Public Service Announcement

Carrie Pestritto, my agent, is once again open for queries via her Query Critique Contest. She posted 8 hours ago, so it may be too late this time around, but maybe not. If you’ve got a query you would like critiqued (with a chance at getting your first 100 pages critiques as well), then check […]

Recent Reads

I’ve been reading a lot lately, which is good. Reading is fuel for the writing mind, a way to help fill up the brain after spilling its contents all over the pages, and since I’ve been writing a fair amount lately, it stands to reason that I’ve also been reading. So, what’s on that list? […]

Behold, the Emerald Ash Borer

Hi, everyone. As seems to be my habit lately, I’m posting late. It’s always my preference to do this first thing, but on Fridays the Catbird needs to be in early which leaves me less time, especially because I never get these things truly written in advance. I’ve actually got something like three posts in […]

Post-Game Presser

If you’re a sports fan, you’ve probably seen this. Your favorite team has just had its most convincing, most complete victory of the season. In this game/match/whatever you call it, they’ve done everything well. In winning, perhaps they’ve snuffed a multi-game losing streak. Or, maybe, it’s been a season of inconsistency, victories almost equally-balanced by […]