Bună zuia!

Earlier this week, I opened up my blogger dashboard and found this: This, of course, is how I reacted: Of course, I’ll admit I’ve just been looking for an excuse to put Stevie back up here, but it was pretty much my honest reaction. When I dug a little deeper into those stats, I found […]

Monday Musing: A Change In Style

Be warned, this is a top-of-my-head post, so it may end up not making any sense. I know where I’m starting, but I’m really not sure where it’s going to end up, or how it’s going to get there. There’s a woman in my writers’ group who is legendary among us for two things: first, […]

Cursing the Weather

With apologies to those of you who do not approve of swear words. Holy fucksticks. This expression has been uttered by my more times than I’d care to admit. I’m not sure exactly where it came from. I don’t know if I heard it somewhere and adopted it or if it just came to me, […]

Monday Morning This and That

-I continue to do battle with Windows. Each night, my computer automatically installs that one critical update that borks my fonts; each morning, I uninstall it. Hey, Microsoft, I want this update! I believe in your updates! Just give me one that doesn’t make my documents an unreadable mess–I’ve got that part taken care of! […]

Curse You, Windows Update!

A couple nights ago I set one of my anti-malware programs loose on my computer before I went to bed. I wasn’t having any particular problems, but it had been a while, and it’s always a good idea to do this. In the morning I expected to find the scan results; instead, I found my […]

Musical Monday: The Blues Brothers

Funny how life works. For reasons unknown to me, I found myself thinking of The Blues Brothers–the actual musical act, not the movie; I’ve never seen the movie–yesterday morning while scraping snow off my driveway. I was thinking how at first it seemed like a novelty, a gag for Saturday Night Live like John Belushi’s […]

How I Met My Agent

As I mentioned last week (or maybe it was Monday, which would make it this week), January saw the anniversary of me becoming an agented writer, as it was late last January where I signed on the dotted line with Carrie Pestritto at Prospect Agency. I have very much enjoyed working with Carrie thus far […]

This And That

Coming to you live from the snow-covered hills of upstate New York…. -A lot of second-guessing over Pete Carroll’s decision to throw on 2nd down from the 1 yard line with 2 time outs. Interestingly, no one is second-guessing his decision to throw for the end zone with 10 seconds left and no time outs […]