Weekend Update

It is the penultimate day of March and I woke up to the sound of…the plow. Yes, we had enough snow to get the county crews out to give the road a scrape this morning. I take heart at the fact that it really wasn’t much at all, and that it’s supposed to be 50 […]

The Recency Effect

Deryk Engelland scored for the NHL’s Calgary Flames on Wednesday night. Twice. This is news because they were Engelland’s first two goals of the season, his first in more than a year (literally), and because he had only scored 13 times in the previous 310 games of his career. More important, his second goal tied […]

Just a Quick Pop-In

First, thanks to all of you for commenting on my existential blogging crisis. I appreciate it, and I will get over it (and myself, hah ha). I can’t quite say what gets into my head from time to time. One of these days, I’ll stop venting over it when it does happen. Anyway, thanks! Now, […]


I’ve been chugging along at this blog for a while now, somehow making two posts a week (mostly), sometimes posting something that strikes me as valuable or kind of important, sometimes feeling guilty about getting people to come and actually look at what I’ve posted. Several times a year it seems I find myself in […]

Weekend Upate

Not much to say today, which seems to be par for the course lately.Sleeping half the day on Friday helped a lot with whatever ailed me then, though now it’s Monday morning, so it’s back. Good news over the weekend: saw my first turkey vultures of the year! Always a nice sign of spring to […]

Feeling Flat Friday

Yeah, this is about how I’m feeling today. We had a board meeting last night. It ran pretty short and was of pretty much no stress. But I woke in the middle of the night feeling sick to my stomach (I wasn’t, fortunately, but I’m feeling about like that unfortunate car in the video. I […]

Monday Musing, Daylight Savings Edition

-It’s six a.m. and it’s dark again. Sunrise is officially 7:22 a.m. The other day I read an essay somewhere calling on Obama to banish Daylight Savings Time, to send it back to the abyss from whence it came. Aside from the fact it does not work from an energy-savings perspective, the author argued that […]

Better Things

I’m feeling a bit disjointed as far as posting this morning. I really, really want to post about Curt Schilling. I have a 4 page mess of a draft that I was working on yesterday and the day before, but time is short this morning (Fridays are early days for the Catbird) and I don’t […]

Monday Musing: Dr. Seuss

If ever I were granted the chance to teach a creative writing course–say, Fiction 101–I think the first text I would choose as a class assignment would be “And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street” by Dr. Seuss. Yes, this is why it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever be asked to teach Fiction […]