Monday Musing, Sleepless in Upstate New York Edition

Here it is, Monday morning, Memorial Day in the USA, a holiday, a day that, in theory, I can sleep in on, and here it is, 5:45 in the morning and I am up. Just like yesterday. Just like the day before. For the better part of a week, my sleep schedule has gotten totally […]

Musical Monday: Brandi Carlile

Making a return trip to this blog is Brandi Carlile, with this excellent, relatively new song: Very nice, that song. What news of me? We’re heading into the real lasts of the Catbird’s high school ‘career’. This week, she’s got her final conference champion track meet (though not her last track meet; she qualified for […]

We Interrupt this Short Break…

…for a chestnut update! As you can see, the little tree is starting to join the rest of the vegetative world in these parts. Daffodils are up, violets are blooming, even some wild strawberries. And now, the chestnut is starting to leaf out. I’m glad to see that the brutal winter we had didn’t kill […]