Weekend Update

Good morning! Disorganized rambling from me today…. -Went to visit the triplet nieces this weekend. They turned four a week ago. Last time I saw them (1-1/2 years ago) they pretty much ignored me. By the end of that weekend, I think I was able to sit on the floor and have them play around […]

A Thought On Theme, Or What It’s All About

Here I am at five in the morning, posting because I can’t sleep, not sleeping because I picked up a cold with a really bad sore throat over the weekend. Here I am also writing about my writing for the first time in forever! My apologies for all the rants lately, and thanks for sticking […]

And Again…The Chestnut

Here in this corner of America, Memorial Day marks the start of summer, Labor Day the end. Yet Columbus Day is, in many ways, the real end of the tourist season (though to be fair, fall foliage is just peaking now, and then there’s hunting season–but neither of those things really do a lot compared […]

Enough Already

I feel like I’ve used this title once already for something very similar. If so, that’s sad–not that I’m repeating myself, but that I have to. On Sunday, after watching a flood of anti-Obama memes fly across my Facebook feed, I posted the following (this is verbatim, except for one spelling error, and a link […]