On Dynasties

Most of the people in my life that I know are from New York, especially Long Island and the New York City region. This was made all the more clear last night, when my Facebook feed erupted in gloating after the Denver Broncos defeated the New England Patriots in last night’s AFC title game. No […]

This and That Monday

Another Monday morning in blogland. Yesterday was spent on the road; the Catbird went back to school after a nice month home, and I’m finding that, the older I get, the more long drives wear me out. So, this will be one of those days where I’m just meandering around a bit, as opposed to […]

On the Cusp

A funny thing happened while I’ve been griping and grumbling and carping about my current WiP: I’m nearly finished. Last night, I sat down and tried to work on the penultimate chapter. I didn’t have much success, but that’s okay. The morning was productive, and this chapter will come–I may start in on it after […]

New Year Noodling

First post of the new year, and I’m in rather familiar territory: not knowing what to write! So, we’ll ramble. -We did not watch the ball drop–it’s just not the same without Dick Clark (though the last time I saw Dick Clark, that wasn’t the same, either). We did do a countdown, complete with New […]