It’s Been A Week

Literally, it’s been a week since my last post and it feels like a lot has been happening, yet it also feels like nothing has been happening. It’s also “been a week” in the figurative sense since my last post, and I’m guessing you know what I mean. Someone asks how you’re doing and you […]

The Last Refuge

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent Isaac Asimov, Foundation I read the above quote many, many years ago. While I don’t remember much about the book itself, that quote has always stuck with me, and I think of it often. Just last week, for example, it came to mind as I watched the […]

The Curve in the Road

Somehow, in the last two months I’ve managed to cobble together enough writing time in the early hours of the day and on weekends to put 47,197 words on 147 pieces of virtual paper. They’re not the best words, not by a long shot. They may not even be very good words, but they’re words […]

The Story of Powerless, Part I

Several weeks back, I received a pretty good (4 star) review on Literary Titan. When Lisa sent me the copy of the review, she also told me they were interested in doing an interview, would I like to answer a few questions? My, “Hell, YEAH!” could probably be heard all across the county. The interview […]

This Story Will Never Go Out of Style

A few years back I had a great idea for a novel. Like the one I mentioned a few weeks ago, I wish I’d written it, as it would be quite appropriate given our current situation. The concept was inspired by one of the tropes that (predictably) was trotted out in the wake of a […]

Writing Time

“And here was another familiar sensation, back for a return visit after four years: that anger at the telephone, the urge to simply rip it out of the wall and fire it across the room. Why did the whole world have to call while I was writing?” – Stephen King, Bag of Bones When I […]

Flash: On the Barricade

For today, I’m posting a piece of very raw, very unrefined (can something truly be very raw? Or very unrefined? Seems to me that while something can be cooked or refined to varying degrees, there’s really only one raw, one unrefined. Anyway….) flash fiction. I am resisting the urge to edit it beyond taking out […]


Well, here I am, back to my old habits, it seems. No excuses, I suppose, but I’ll offer some up anyway. Last week’s storm dropped eleven inches or so of some of the wettest, heaviest snow I have ever seen. As I mentioned, it knocked out our power for some 30 hours, and I have […]

Knocked Out

I’m a day later than I normally am in this resurrected blog. Blame April. When I was a kid, I remember hearing that the Inuit people of Alaska and Canada had something like 50 or 80 different words for snow. On Long Island, we had one word–snow, and two types: good packing snow, which you […]

Writing “In”

At various times through this lengthy writing drought I would try, to put a twist on a song from Hamilton, to “write my way in”–instead of waiting for some grisly abomination to kick its way out of the back room screaming, “I’m here, write me!”, just write. Write without a destination in mind. Write without […]