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Weekend Update

Greetings! I hope this Monday morning–or whatever time or day you read this–finds you well. Today is more or less random musings and updates, nothing especially well-organized.  -First, I created a ‘Publications’ page. It feels a little funny, doing this, but hey, I’ve got published works, I suppose I need to plug them! I hope […]

Reading Day, Part III

Years ago I was friends with someone who had the uncanny ability to stretch her birthday out from a single day to a week-long celebration. There was the happy hour/dinner with work folks; there was the dinner out with her non-work friends; if she had a boyfriend, there was a birthday dinner with him; and […]

Reading Day, Part II

So, we had our launch party and reading for our Writers’ Circle anthology last night. How did it go, you ask? More coming on Friday, maybe even a couple of pictures. Let’s just say it was a good time, the feedback was great, and now it’s back to ‘the real world’. Hope you all had […]

Reading Day

I’m likely to break with tradition this week and either post twice today, or again tomorrow. It’s my blog, and I can do what I want here, after all. Today is reading day for our Writers’ Circle, beginning around 5:30 the first of our members will take the stage in front of an audience that […]

Commencing Countdown

Well, I’ve been back at this for all of a week, and already I’m missing deadlines and not posting what I intended. The truth is, I’ve been working on a post all week, but I’m not quite comfortable with it. It’s a touchy subject (you’ll know it when it runs), and I have to get […]

Here At Last

The calendar may say it’s March, but at The Doubting Writer, winter is still going strong! That’s right, folks, though St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, we have ten below zero this morning! What else? Frozen lakes! Ice dams! Snow in the forecast! Our heating bills are insane! Whew. Sorry, I just found […]

Snowy Friday

Well, here I sit on a Friday morning, waiting for word from the school about whether they’ll be open today or not. The Catbird was sent home early yesterday; the school was already set for a half day today (teacher training day), but I’m sure they’re loath to give up a day to snow if […]


As you all know, because I keep telling you over and over and over again, the writers’ group I’m in is putting out a publication this spring, featuring work done in the group. I submitted four pieces which apparently got passed around among the editorial team. Last week I got an e-mail back from ‘my’ […]

Ah, December

This post is coming to you from the Department of the Top of My Head. IN the sports world, when a team is struggling through a rough patch, every win is treated as something of great significance. “This game is could mark a turning point in the season,”  the broadcasters and beatwriters say. “They really […]

A Project

An interesting project has finally come up and started rolling. As I think I’ve said before, I’m part of a writers’ group that meets at a local arts center every Sunday. It’s a nice group of people. We have fun, and once in a while I actually produce something worthwhile (“Last Man Standing”, published this […]