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The Doubting Writer Finds His Voice

Weekend Update: Congratulations to my Friends!

A long, long time ago, I started poking around the internet, looking for writing stuff: places that could help me improve as a writer, places that would give me information on where I could publisher–err, try to publish–the couple of short stories I had sweated out, and what to do about the ideas that were […]

Goodreads Is Not Your Living Room

“Imagine that you are a reader who has shelved your own books in your own personal, idiosyncratic way, with shelf tags that amuse you and help you remember where things are, your own personal organisation of the way you think and read … And suddenly there is an author in your reading space complaining publicly […]

Musical Monday: February 3, 1959

On this day in rock and roll history: Which, of course, spawned this hit some thirteen years later: Back in the Dark Ages, we had a record player, and we had American Pie on a 45. I know some of you know what that’s all about. I remember the song would fade out after, I […]

Fake Reviews

Whoa. How did it get to be Friday already? It’s been about two months since author Stephen Leather dropped the news that he used sock puppets to create buzz about his work (it’s buried deep). Since Leather’s admission, there have been at least three other cases of authors being outed for employing sock puppets. We’ve […]

Cheating Little Liebster

So I’m back from vacation, but I’m still in vacation mode, still catching up with everyone, still trying to get back in the ‘groove’ and figure out what’s going on and all that jazz. We had a nice time seeing family, eating lobster (not me, though; I hate shellfish), fishing, hitting the ocean, catching up […]

An Award!

But first, apropos of Friday’s post, here’s a little musical bit from Counting Crows, their first big hit, Mr. Jones. I remember hearing a story at one point that the Crows had decided to stop performing this song in concert, partly because it was about the desire for fame and, having achieved said fame, their […]


About a week-and-a-half ago I had one of those dream-like moments. I was in the midst of my morning run-through of blogs and Absolute Write threads when something lit up in my mind: a topic for my next Friday blog post. To that I said,   I continued on my blog tour and went about […]