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Jeff O'Handley

The Doubting Writer Finds His Voice

It’s Not Just About Trump

More than thirty years ago I had to make one of the first decisions of my semi-adult life: which political party should I join? After much consideration, I registered Republican. This decision was not made lightly. It was not made without a great deal of thought. Back then, there were some issues where I leaned […]

We Made It…Now What?

Each year, our local high school holds its graduation ceremony at one of the loveliest sites in the area, a sloping sweep of lawn overlooking the lake. For the 12 years we’ve been here, I can’t remember a day when the weather is bad–not that we were in the habit of attending graduation, mind you. […]

Monday Musing: Penultimates

Spring is supposed to be the time of  beginning, a time of newness, yet I find myself looking at lasts. Last week, for example, the Catbird performed in the high school’s spring concert, which is the last official performance for that group for the year. Both band and chorus directors acknowledged the seniors in their […]


About a week ago, someone on another forum (not writing related) posted a series of funny pictures, peeled from a website. Here’s one of them: It’s a sticker that you put on your luggage, the sort of thing that will cause, presumably, many a head to turn when you’re wheeling through the airport. Looks like […]

The Second Week Blues

This is not a post about writing, not exactly. But then again, it’s about life, so I’m sure there’s some practical applications in it, especially to you New Adult writers. The Magpie officially entered her second week at college yesterday, though she was not quite through her first week of classes. We took her last […]

Will Success Change Your Blog?

About five years back the Magpie convinced us to get a trial account for World of Warcraft, a multi-player online game, which has Tolkien, King Arthur and obvious and subtle pop culture references all rolled into one. My wife jumped into it right away and was hooked. I held out for about a month before […]

Give The People What They Want

Ahh, The Kinks must have had a “Low Budget” for videos when they filmed that one…. Several weeks ago, a bit of a hubbub broke out on Absolute Write concerning author Elle Lothlorien, who brazenly flouts the ‘never respond to a bad review’ convention by, well, responding to bad reviews. She takes a ‘customer service’ […]

The Book of the Future

“Can it core a apple?” “Oh, it can core a apple!” Those lines come from a classic episode of The Honeymoonerstitled “Better Living Through TV.” In it, Ralph buys time during a movie broadcast and appears as The Chef of the Future, presenting a tool—The Handy Housewife Helper—that will revolutionize the kitchen, a tool that […]

Change, or Lack Thereof

This weekend I found myself watching what I believe is the penultimate episode of TV medical drama, House. In the episode, House is ‘kidnapped’ by his only real friend, Dr. Wilson, for a three day cruise across the country. Wilson received rather unconventional treatment in the previous episode for cancer, and will be finding out […]