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Weekend Update: Chestnut Edition

And so it begins. The kids are clamoring for back-to-school stuff, and, in the Magpie’s case, off-to-Japan stuff. They know how fast the next two, three weeks will go. The Catbird starts cross country practice today, the Magpie heads over the ocean (actually, we looked at the flight path; she spends very little time actually […]

Weekend Update

Greetings! I hope this Monday morning–or whatever time or day you read this–finds you well. Today is more or less random musings and updates, nothing especially well-organized.  -First, I created a ‘Publications’ page. It feels a little funny, doing this, but hey, I’ve got published works, I suppose I need to plug them! I hope […]

That Was Unexpected

Yesterday, I was out mowing my lawn, an activity made slightly more difficult than normal by the fact that I haven’t done it in two weeks for the front half and three for the back. The good thing is the it-grows-so-fast-it’-put-on-three-inches-in-the-time-it-took-to-read-this part of the season is over; I was able to get the front half […]

The Chestnut Tree

Early last week, it finally happened, something it seems I’ve been waiting forever on–spring arrived. It’s funny how you can tell the difference. We’ve had some false starts this years, some teasers, some days when the sun was shining and the air was warm enough that you could walk outside without a parka, but when […]