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Jeff O'Handley

The Doubting Writer Finds His Voice

The Lure of the Shiny

The good news? This isn’t a post about politics, or Harvey Weinstein, or anything really unpleasant. The bad news? I don’t know. Maybe it’s not bad news at all. In fact, there really isn’t much news at all. Saturday was a good day for writing. I am now heading into the final hundred pages of […]

For Love Or Money

Back at the beginning of the month, when so many of you participate in the Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG), Nick Wilford posted about something many of us worry about: money. It’s something a lot of us worry about, especially in tough financial times. Early in the post, Nick said: “I know that very few […]

Still The Same

First, some music, taking you way back to 1978….     Wow, I haven’t been into Bob Seger since…well, I’ve never really been into him all that much; I liked few of his songs when I was younger, but it didn’t take long for songs like Betty Lou’s Getting Out Tonight or Her Strut to […]