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Jeff O'Handley

The Doubting Writer Finds His Voice

A(nother) Matter of Perspective

Many years ago, a friend told me something his little cousin said whenever someone called the kid a drip. ‘Drip’ is not big on earth-shattering scale of insults, at least not now; even then, it was pretty uncommon. Still, I guess the kid heard it enough that he had this pat phrase, just in case: […]

Monday Musing: Troublesome Omni

People talk about Point of View on a regular basis. One of the things folks suggest is that beginning writers have a tendency to use first person, because it’s a voice that a beginner will find easiest to deal with (and there may be a tendency for beginners to write more personal stories, which might […]

Musical Monday: Still Fighting the War

Heard this on NPR’s folk program last night. When I was kid, if I heard someone refer to ‘The War’, it meant WWII. Twenty-five, thirty years after the end of that conflict, WWII still shaped so much of the world, and my perceptions of it. We had the Cold War as a direct result of […]

Making the Case for Flat Villains

I’ve been thinking all week about Monday’s post and your responses to it. Normally, I try to respond to all comments individually; with this one, however, I’ve decided to just do a follow up post. After reading so much agreement with what I said (and much love for Les Mis), I started reconsidering. Yes, in […]