Finished, and Not-so-finished

Happy 2023. When I started thinking in earnest of this post to wrap up 2022 and set up 2023, I was going to start by saying the year ended a lot like it began, with me working on revisions of a project created long ago, but a quick search of the “archives” revealed that this […]

Missing in Action

I’m writing very off-the-cuff today. Normally, when I write these blog posts I draft them in a Word document and edit them heavily, often over several hours or days. However, life has been such that even when I have an idea for a post, I rarely get to sit down and work on it. So, […]


I do not know why it has been so hard to write this post. Really, it should be the easiest one ever: When I woke up on Wednesday, August 24, Powerless was no longer on pre-order. Friends reported having downloaded it on their e-readers, making me an officially published novelist, woohoo! It has been wonderful, […]

Culmination point

In a few days, I will officially join the ranks of the published. I will go from being a writer to being an author. For all intents and purposes, I already am. I have held Powerless the novel in my hands. I have seen occasional spikes on its sales charts on Amazon, indicating that someone […]

The Story of Powerless, Part II

First off, let me say that Powerless releases in three weeks–holy crap! If you want to preorder, check the main page to links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. Last time I wrote on this subject I talked about the two moments of inspiration that ultimately led to Powerless. Today I’m going to talk more […]

The Next Thing

When I left off the original iteration of this blog four years ago, I had just completed and readied for query a manuscript that I loved (and still do). I sent a dozen or so queries off into the world and got mostly silence. Bruised, battered and a little burned out, I shelved the whole […]

The Curve in the Road

Somehow, in the last two months I’ve managed to cobble together enough writing time in the early hours of the day and on weekends to put 47,197 words on 147 pieces of virtual paper. They’re not the best words, not by a long shot. They may not even be very good words, but they’re words […]

The Story of Powerless, Part I

Several weeks back, I received a pretty good (4 star) review on Literary Titan. When Lisa sent me the copy of the review, she also told me they were interested in doing an interview, would I like to answer a few questions? My, “Hell, YEAH!” could probably be heard all across the county. The interview […]


Well, here I am, back to my old habits, it seems. No excuses, I suppose, but I’ll offer some up anyway. Last week’s storm dropped eleven inches or so of some of the wettest, heaviest snow I have ever seen. As I mentioned, it knocked out our power for some 30 hours, and I have […]

Knocked Out

I’m a day later than I normally am in this resurrected blog. Blame April. When I was a kid, I remember hearing that the Inuit people of Alaska and Canada had something like 50 or 80 different words for snow. On Long Island, we had one word–snow, and two types: good packing snow, which you […]