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Hope in Rejection

A day + late, shame on me. Knowing my schedule was going to be bad this week, I had this post *mostly* written out by Thursday, but my organization’s board meeting on Thursday kept me out late, and then I had to deal with a dead cat and having to tell my child about said […]


Last night, following a week that has left me physically drained (and isn’t over yet; I’ve got outdoor, work-related stuff tonight and tomorrow), I collapsed in my chair and popped over to Facebook. Pretty much tops on my list–Facebook apparently having it wasn’t yet time to arbitrarily change my news feed from ‘most recent’ to […]

A Question…

…for my writerly friends out there, specifically those of you who have been published, who have people reading your book(s), who might actually be receiving some form of fan mail: What question is most frequently asked of you by your readers? And when I say ‘readers’, I’m not talking about people like me, i.e., someone […]

Monday Musing: Print Only

© Jorge Royan / Almost as soon as I announced my intention to take a short break from the blog, I saw/read/heard things that made me say, “Oh! I’ve got to blog about that!” Naturally. But I’d broken too many promises in the past, too often I’d written, “Hey, on Friday, I’m going to…” and never […]

Monday Musing: Nibbling Away at Yog’s Law

I think I’ll be leaving now, thank you. You know about Yog’s Law, don’t you? Sure you do. Yog’s Law, coined by James D. MacDonald, is the principle that states, “Money flows toward the author.” We are told, time and again, that if an agent asks for a ‘reading fee’, run. If a publisher asks […]