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…there’s nothing to see here.

Some days, you just don’t have much to say. Today is one of those days. It probably would have been better to post nothing, than to post something that says nothing. If you’re unhappy that you’ve come all the way over here for this, my apologies. I’ll do better on Friday. I hope.

This weekend saw me make some progress on my WiP. I’m somewhere around 2/3 through with the revisions. There have been a few substantial rewrites, and I think it’s making it better. I hope that I’ll be done soon, and then I can decide whether I need to run through it again or can start letting other people read it. I’m anxious to turn it over to others for feedback, but anxious about the results, as I’ve already stated in other posts.

One thing I’m finding interesting in this revision process, besides the nature of some of the changes, is the way the word count goes up and down. I started out at 317 pages and approximately 95,000 words. Right now it’s 306 pages, 88,000 words, after approaching 90K sometime yesterday. It’s funny to see this happen because I’m more aware of what I’m adding than what I’m taking away, though I recall gleefully making whole pages disappear.

That’s about all I’ve got for now. Enjoy your day, enjoy your week, see you on Friday.

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