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Living in Central New York, I hoped we would escape the brunt of Hurricane Irene. And I suppose we did. For several days I watched the hurricane tracker and noticed with alarm how the impact line kept shifting to the west. First it was going to pass to the east of Oneonta, then it was right along Oneonta, and then it was west of Oneonta, encompassing my part of town. Ah, well.

I woke yesterday to light rain and little wind, but by 7:30, the internet died (and then revived) and the power flickered a couple of times. Just before noon, the internet died again, the power went moments later, and that was it until around 3 this afternoon. This was after hearing rumors that power could be lost for some for weeks.

I had to drive through the storm in the morning to drop off one daughter’s friend, who had slept over here, and to pick up my other daughter, who stayed at her friend’s house. I’ve had an idea poking around in my mind off and on for some time that relates to the idea of having someone else’s kid visiting when some great disaster strikes (disaster on the scale of The Road) and the family dynamics. Maybe I’ll get on that now.

I can’t really complain, all things considered, thirty hours or so without power is nothing compared to 35 deaths (at least), destroyed homes and evacuations. A tip of the hat to emergency services personnel and the men and women of the utility companies who have worked extremely hard to restore power all around. I hope you all are well and have come through the storm unscathed.

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  1. We live in Philadelphia and it was pretty scary–tornadoes, flooding, lots of downed trees–but we came out of it okay. They said our power would be out for 2 weeks but it didn't actually go out so we were super happy about that. Glad you and your family are safe too!

  2. I'm glad you and your family made it through with a relatively minor amount of inconvenience. It's tough when the power goes out. During Typhoon Ella (in the Philippines) we were without electricity for a week. We lost everything in the freezer. To say nothing of having to sleep (or try to) without electricity. Tropical humidity is a killer.

  3. Thanks for the well-wishes, all, and I'm glad to hear you all made out well, too. I feel bad complaining about it, especially after seeing footage and photos from fairly-nearby communities like Margaretville and Fleischmanns here in NY, and many places in Vermont, especially, that have been devastated. My thoughts go out to those people.

  4. Glad the storm brought you only inconveniences. I grew up on the Gulf coast and those storms are no joke. I don't know if I could ever live there again- for the tropical storm season alone.

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