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Ten Things about….Me?

Thanks to Lisa L. Regan for tagging me in this ‘Ten Things’ thing going around. You’ve done me a solid, Lisa: now I don’t have to scramble for a Monday topic, and, given my weekend, that’s a blessing. It also fits rather well with what I’m planning for Friday (and have been planning for a while, just haven’t finished). This has been an exhausting weekend that has seen me helping haul giant pumpkins around as part of Cooperstown’s annual Pumpkinfest. I’m tired, sore and sunburned, and had very little time to think over the weekend.

So, ten things you don’t know about me, in no particular order of importance:

1. Bobby Orr is my all-time favorite hockey player. He’s the reason I’m a Bruins fan, and the reason I played defense (though no one ever made a highlight film of me).

2. My favorite season is whatever season it is when you ask me that question.

3. My mustache has been trimmed, but never shaved. Ever.

4. I’ve been footed by a Great Horned owl and bitten by a Bobcat.

5. Between 1981 and 1992 I saw the Grateful Dead more than 30 times in concert, though I never dropped out of life and went ‘on tour’, earning a living by selling tie-dyed t-shirts like some people.

6. As a kid I loved Bozo the Clown, yet I was afraid of clowns. Bozo came to a Playworld store (chain long since defunct) when I was young; I lurked and looked at him from around a corner or from a very long way away, but didn’t go to meet him.

7. Two years ago, I paddled a giant pumpkin in Otsego Lake as part of the Cooperstown Pumpkinfest. It’s hell on the knees, but a lot of fun (no paddling this year, sadly). That’s me on the left side. I didn’t get to paddle this year, but I did get to help launch pumpkins.

8. Six days before my wedding, I was assaulted at the Lennox Street subway station in New York City. A random guy hit me upside the head with a bottle. I had occasional, mild dizzy spells for over a week. After I went back to work (3 weeks later), it took me probably more than a month before I had the courage to use that subway station again.

9. I used to live here. Didn’t own it, just used to live there.

10. Whenever I eat bacon and eggs, I have to have a glass of orange juice.

And there you have it. Let’s see, I’m supposed to tag a couple of people, so let’s hit Jennifer at the Writing Cocoon, and Donna K. Weaver at Weaving a Tale or Two, and Robin, at Bends in the Writer’s Road—I don’t recall seeing this particular tag circulate on either of your blogs before. And don’t feel pressured: if you don’t want to do this, don’t! See you on Friday, when my muscles are less sore and I’ve got something else for you.

7 Responses

  1. I love that you mentioned Bobby Orr. Even though I don't like the (current) Bruins–especially Chara–I can easily understand your appreciation for the past. Orr was one of the greats. It's a shame his playing days were before my time.

    Eek! That's scary about getting assaulted.

    I hope you had fun at the Pumpkinfest! (Aside from getting sunburnt and sore, that is…)

  2. Hey Jeff! I'm a good friend of Lisa Regan, so I thought I'd pop on over and take a gander. I'm now a follower, too. This post was the perfect way to meet you. It's nice knowing a few things about you.

    If you're up to it, come on over to my place. If you follow me back, I'll put you on my blog roll and come back here often to comment.

  3. Very cool! Thanks for doing this. It sure is fun knowing more about you. The Pumpkinfest sounds awesome. Very scary about being assaulted. That's terrible!

    By the way, what does it mean to be footed by an owl? (See, I'm always learning stuff on your blog!)

  4. Thanks for the comments, all. Let's see…
    -I vaguely remember watching Orr play. These were pre-cable days, he was injured far too much, and I lived in New York. No Direct TV or NHL Center Ice in those days!
    -Footing: birds of prey use their rather powerful feet and sharp talons for catching prey and defending themselves. When they grab hold of a handler, it's called 'footing', and can hurt quite a bit. I don't recommend either one.
    -Angela-I was a *little* older than that when it started growing, though I think my older brother drew one on one of my baby pictures.

  5. Okay, it is official! I'm the worst blog follower. Thanks for the tag – now I know how to start my next blog post.

    I LOVE the sound of your pumpkinfest! Thanks for sharing these tidbits. I, too, had an image of you as a baby with a mustache.

  6. Paddling a pumpkin is a lot of fun (and very, very hard). The scariest moment is when the pumpkin first starts to float and you have to try to balance the thing.

    By the way, nice to see you back, hope all is well with you.

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