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Thank God for the Award…

…because without it, I’d be sunk.

I’ve got nothing today, folks.
Actually, I have something, but, for whatever reason, it’s just not coming out. On Monday, I did my resolutions for the year (and thank you for your comments). Today, I’ve been trying to do my BLOG-olutions, and it’s just not working. Everything is up there in my head, and it’s coming out on paper, but it’s just not right. You all know how this is.
So, rather than waste anymore time on it today, I’m going to kill this one off and try for Monday. Or maybe next Friday. But soon.
In the meantime, I do need to thank Nancy S. Thompson, who kindly bestowed the ‘Great Comments Award’ on me earlier this week. The award goes to “those who drop by and comment frequently.” The reason I stop by and comment so frequently is that your blog is enjoyable and thought-provoking. I do appreciate the award.
These awards usually come with a string of requirements, such as ‘link to this post, thank the giver, and pass it on to X number of bloggers.’ There doesn’t seem to be anything so formalized with this one, but let me say, ‘Thanks, Nancy!’ (again) and then think…who would I give it to? Nancy has already covered some of the people I would give this award to (Lisa, Carrie, Donna, Peggy, not to mention Nancy herself, of course), but I’ll also call out Robin Kristoff, Cynthia Chapman Willis, Amanda Olivieri, Angela Ackerman, and Cassie Mae. Thanks for dropping in so often and having great things to say, and do not feel compelled to pass this along – no strings! And thanks to everyone who shows up and spends a few minutes, whether you comment or not. Have a nice weekend, all.

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