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I have been informed by Matt at The Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment that my query for Parallel Lives is up for review. So light your torches, sharpen up your pitchforks, and get your red and blue pencils ready. Read it today, tear it up tomorrow. That will give me all weekend to lick my wounds and recover. Except that the Magpie graduates high school this weekend, so I’ll be even more of an emotional wreck. Thanks in advance, I’ll be back tomorrow with my regularly-scheduled bit of nonsense!

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  1. Your story sounds intriguing, Jeff.

    I feel your pain/joy. My firstborn graduated from high school last month. What a mixed bag of emotions!

  2. Just read your query over at Matt's blog. I'm interested to see what he has to say about it, especially since I just heard a panel of literary agents discuss query letters a few weeks ago. Best wishes!

  3. Wow, awesome for your daughter!
    New from Matthew's blog. WOW. What an awesome sounding novel you have! I just had to come over and tell you "in person" that your query/concept gave me chills. Sounds soo good.

  4. Congrats to your daughter for graduating! Out into the big wide world… Read the query, good on your for sending it in to QQQE Mr Doubting Writer.

  5. Thanks, everyone. And welcome to the new followers, I hope you find something useful and/or enjoyable here.

  6. I don't feel I can comment on the query for obvious reasons, but it sure is interesting to read how others perceive it. They're picking up on the issues you were concerned about: the order, the genre, the amount of detail. I hope it helps. Good luck. I really want PL published. It's such an amazing story & beautifully written.

  7. Hi. I'm here because Matt told me to come. He's right; you do have a cool mustache.

  8. Thanks again, everyone. No, it wasn't too bad, and has given me a lot of food for thought. Thanks for stopping by here, and thanks for commenting over there!

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