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Caught by Surprise

Well, not really. I actually started my post last night, but first drafts are rough. I also have not enough time this morning–the Catbird starts cross country at 7:15 and we’re off to The Big City immediately afterward to pick up last-minute items for the Magpie this morning. She’s off to college on Wednesday. So, I didn’t quite get to where I want to be last night, and I can’t get to where I’m going with this post this morning, so instead I’m going to pull a semi-cop out and suggest you read this thread in Absolute Write: Why Movies? Or at least part of it, because it starts to get a little repetitious after a bit.

On Friday, provided I’ve sufficiently-recovered from being one child short, I’ll talk about at least one thing I’m learning from ‘the silver screen’ (or, more accurately, the boob tube) that can help with writing. But not today. Have a good day, see you on Friday.

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  1. What, to compose that post, or to recover from the shock of delivering my first-born to a university? And delays in future posting can be from either! And thanks, all.

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