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The Day After

Most of you are not going to remember this commercial, because most of you (I think) are too young. I watched too much TV growing up, and have the kind of memory that allows me to remember things like this. I’d almost think it’s a Guy Thing, remembering stupid stuff that is absolutely no use to anyone, except my wife does it, too, only she remembers different kinds of silly stuff, like the color of the carpet in the living room of the third house we looked at in Greenlawn twenty years ago. Anyway, for some strange reason, I thought this commercial was hysterical back when I was [a kid]. It seems strangely appropriate given the big Thanksgiving weekend.

You never can tell what’s going to strike someone as funny, do you?

There’s not much else to report on here. The Magpie came home on Tuesday. Not being me when I was her age, she’s spent her weekend at home so far (I was better about family obligations than some of my friends, but I’d be out the night before Thanksgiving, and just about every night of the weekend), and we’ve had a very nice time. Writing? What’s that? I’m definitely feeling a little rusty right now, but maybe that’s a good thing. Anyway, that’s all for me for today, I’ve got some digesting to do. There’s still half a turkey and a boatload of sides to polish off. But no Alka-Seltzer in my future – I took them once in my life. Never again.

Have a great weekend, all!

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  1. That's pretty funny! Glad to hear you're getting quality time with your family. I know, my edits are on the backburner till the holidays are over and it's making me feel all kinds of weird! LOL

  2. I watched lots of TV when I was a kid so I totally remember that commercial. It's still funny forty years later! That's great that she's sticking close to home during the holiday. Mine is more like you & will be gone most of the next 2 days, but we'll get him a day Sunday at least. It's just nice knowing they're close again. Happy leftovers, Jeff!

  3. I recognize the "I can't believe I ate that whole thing" part, though I know I haven't seen that commercial. Curious. Probably slipped into popular culture somewhere and that's where I noticed it.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  4. Nope, never saw that commercial, but he sounds like he was smoking something funny haha! 🙂 Magpie sounds like a very responsible college student. Happy Thanksgiving, and hope you can get back into writing soon!

  5. Heh, heh, I doubt he was smoking anything, just engaging in the American habit of eating and drinking waaaay too much. Thanks for the wishes, I'm sure I'll get going soon. December/January seem like prime writing time for me, based on history.

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