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Snow Day

And who gets to shovel all that?

Blog closed.

Sorry, guess I should have made that announcement before you made the drive over, huh?

Reminds me of the time I took the Magpie and Catbird down to the bus stop. We crunched our way over the ice-covered lawn, and slid down the ice-slicked street, and waited dutifully in the cold, watching cars crawl past on the treacherous road. After ten minutes, someone slowed, rolled down their window, and said, “You know, school is closed today, right?” Oops.

Enjoy the weekend, all. Here’s a few pics of yesterday’s scenery.

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  1. We did get a couple of inches in time for Christmas, which was nice. First time in a couple of years we've had that. This was really a Boxing Day/Night storm, and I got kind of lazy.

  2. Alas, it's kind of hard to have one without the other. Hey, do you guys sing all the Christmas songs about dashing through the snow, and Jack Frost and all that? Must be a little strange when you're sweating on the beach.

  3. Beautiful! We didn't get a white Christmas this year – just loads of new lakes. I was sort of dreading another snowy winter (they don't handle snow very well around here), but now I'm kind of sad we don't have any.

  4. BRRRRRRRR!!!!! I don't care for the snow. Makes life difficult when you live up on a steep hill & drive a 3" off the ground sportscar. It is pretty though, & makes the season festive. Happy New Year, Jeff!

  5. Hot milo, bite the opposite corners of the Tim Tam, put one end into the hot milo and start sucking from the other end. Best thing ever! It would be the ideal weather for that over your side of the world at the moment 🙂

  6. Thanks for the tip. We have the milo, but we're fresh out of Tim Tams. I wonder if my cousin-in-law will be bringing any when he's stateside in February….

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