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A Little Off and Out of Whack

Heading into Christmas, I thought, “Now’s the perfect time to take a week, maybe two, off from the blog. Go ahead, just say it straight out and be done with it.” Of course I didn’t, and here I am on a Friday morning with three, four, maybe five pieces partly completed, and no sense of how to finish any of them before morning madness takes hold.

The holidays have definitely messed me up a little bit. I’m sorry to say I haven’t been writing much of anything over the last few weeks. It’s not writer’s block or anything like that, it’s just been a matter of time. It’s funny how this writing thing gets in you, and how out of whack you can feel when you don’t have the time to do it as much as you’d like.

So there is no real post today. Instead, you get this video from Of Monsters and Men. It’s funny how these things work. One of you posted this on your blog, I want to say in the spring. I remember seeing it, and I loved it. A few weeks ago, something put me in mind of this song, but I had no idea who the band was, the name of the song, or who posted it. I scoured a couple of likely places but could not find it. Then, yesterday, while checking out a non-writing message board I frequent: There it was.

I’m not huge on video music, to be honest. I was around when MTV was born, when people went gaga over crummy music because it had really cool videos. But I love this video, I can’t explain why, it’s really fun, and I like the song a lot. Enjoy your weekend. I’m putting myself into the shop for a realignment.

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  1. The holidays always throw everything out of whack. Takes a week or two to get back on track (really didn't mean to rhyme there). Finally got everyone back to work and school yesterday so it's time to return to normal here again.

    And, yeah, cool video. 🙂

  2. I have 5 glorious weeks off work and I have been catching up on sleep! I have some writing projects underway as well, but it's good to take a break and recharge.

  3. This is one of my favorite songs of 2012.

    I can relate to feeling "out of whack." I think after the busyness of the holiday season it's natural and healthy to recharge in whatever way you need to. After a great writing month (November), time escaped me during December and I wasn't able to write at all. Looking forward to getting back to it this weekend. Good luck with your realignment 🙂

  4. Great song. I'm sure you'll get back in the writing groove. I didn't get anything done over the holidays, in fact the kids aren't even back at school til Monday so I'm still not back in it. A couple of weeks can seem so long! We do need time to refresh and let our brains tick over a bit though… hope you had a relaxing break.

  5. Yes, the holidays have a way of throwing everything off balance. Take the time to reenergize & enjoy your daughter being home. The words will return like always.

  6. I like music videos that actually tell a story, not just show a bunch of people dancing around. But I could definitely live without music videos if I had to. While I do have a soft spot for them, it's the music and the songs that I'm actually interested in.

    Hope your realignment goes well, JeffO, and that you can get back into the swing of writing, among whatever else you're lacking time to do.

  7. Thanks, Luanne. I'm definitely feeling a bit 'antsy' the last few days, and I think it's because I'm really not writing. Good luck with your own return to routine.

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