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Monday Musing

This and That from the weekend

* After a full week of crummy weather, the skies around here finally opened up enough last night to allow me to see Comet Pan-STARRS. I won’t go so far to call myself an amateur astronomer, but I have a slightly-more-than-passing interest in the heavens. I think it’s pretty cool to see a comet with the naked eye.

Where’s the road? Aieeee!

* Speaking of weather…after my comments last week about March, we are facing a winter storm warning that is currently threatening to dump 5-10 inches of snow on us between tonight and tomorrow. We’ve had snow in some amount every day this past week, including a squall Friday night that made driving terrifying. I kid you not about that, I literally could not see more than ten feet in front of me. It was like being Mr. Sulu on the old Enterprise at warp 9.

* On a happier note, last week saw the return of Red-winged blackbirds and Grackles to our corner of the world. They seem late this year. If only I’d kept a journal, I’d know how it compares to years past. Also, Killdeer showed up ahead of the snow on Friday. They’ll all be sorry if this storm goes down the way they say. 

* Big thanks to y’all for coming by on Friday and visiting with Carrie, and thanks, Carrie, for being such a good sport! Hang in there, keep your energy level up through your tour, and best of luck!

* I spent literally all of last week’s writing time working on one. Single. Chapter. of BARTON’S WOMEN. Remember back in Geometry or Calculus, when you learned about asymptotes? Yeah, neither do I. But getting this particular chapter just exactly right has been an absolute bear. I know true perfection is not likely; I’m trying to get to ‘good enough’, and it’s being especially stubborn. Ugh.

* The Magpie is home, which is great. Sadly, her spring break does not coincide with the Catbird’s spring break. Still, nice to have the full brood home.

* Ryshia Kennie tossed me a Liebster Award last week! Thanks, Ryshia! I don’t know that I’ll participate fully, but I do appreciate it.

* Author Lev Raphael had a less-than-stellar experience with a blog tour promoting his new book. I know two of you who have signed on for these things; I’m curious what sort of impressions you’ve gotten from your own tours. There’s a feeling in some corners of the internet that he should have done his homework and checked out the blogs he was being sent to in advance; isn’t that what tour organizer is supposed to do?

I think that’s about all I’ve got for today. Hope you all had a great weekend!

14 Responses

  1. Ouch on the blog tour, and yes. That is what the promoter is supposed to do.

    We were supposed to get snow yesterday that didn't show up. I'll have to check the weather and see if the storm was just delayed or it took a detour. lol

  2. I'd gladly take some of your cold and snow. We're having an early spring here. May azaleas started blooming the end of February. They don't usually bloom until late March or early April. 0_0 And there's yellow pollen on everything already. ugh.

    About the blog tour thing…
    I had mixed feelings. Sure, the tour organizer is responsible, but you think the author would at least check out the tour service's reputation. And not sure they can hand-pick the blogs once the tour is being set up.

    I was with a service for a few months, doing tours from the blogging end. The call would go out via email to the entire group and blogs would sign up at random. The only time we were scrutinized was when we signed up with the service to begin with (had to have been blogging at least 3 mos., etc…). Of course, my experience is with only one. Others might be more selective or have the blogs divided into groups. I don't know.

  3. Isn't it funny how some chapters just won't cooperate. I've been known to throw the whole thing out and just start a new rewrite from scratch when my frustration level reaches the boiling point. I don't recommend it, however. And enjoy all your brood being home together. They can help you shovel. 😛

  4. Troublesome chapter? Deal with it this way: Print it off, then set it just to the side of your computer where it can see what you're doing. Then, while wearing a casual I-am-not-worried-about-anything look, begin working on the very next chapter. Occasionally turn to the troublesome chapter and ask its opinion on the new piece and then mutter "oh, never mind" in an offhand way. (Also try adding a quick wave of your hand in its direction – very effective stuff). In a day or two you'll see: that chapter will realize the folly of its ways, and beg you to start work on it again. This will likely happen in the middle of the night, when chapters are most active and looking for their writer.

  5. I miss all the good celestial events. It's rarely clear enough here in Seattle to see anything. We did finally get 2 harbingers of spring though: the croaking frogs & a few morning birdsongs. Plus the trees are starting to flower. Have fun with Magpie! Mine goes back today. 🙁 As for the tour thing, if its a professionally organized tour, you don't have much choice on who signs up. I know for mine which concludes next week, so many of the participants were purely romance bloggers which wasn't what we signed up for. My pub was a wee bit peeved & is trying to directly contact more of the tour company's other reviewers who deal mostly in thrillers & suspense. Still, except for one less than glowing 3-star review, all my bloggers loved my book & had great things to say in their reviews. So I'm cool with it. Would be nice to have a different audience though. :-/

  6. You'd better keep your eyes on the road while driving, Jeff, or you'll be seeing more stars than those in the sky!! But you were able to actually see Comet Pan-STARRS? Unaided? I live too close to suburbia these days to do any serious stargazing. Haven't even had my telescope outdoors in years. I'd love to have seen it.

  7. It's nice when the whole family is there together. Enjoy that time!!

    We had about 3 inches the other day and another 5 or 6 coming tonight. It's the winter that would never end 🙂

  8. Great you got to see the comet in between snow dumps! We're still being battered with it in the UK – it kind of put a crimp on our book launch at the library on Saturday, but we sold half of our books so not bad.

    I'm planning to do a blog tour when (if??) I release my novel, but the only organiser will be me. I'll know all the hosts and already have most of them in mind!

  9. March has been more lion than lamb this year for us, too. But Winter can't hang on forever. Enjoy your time with your family all together, and congratulations on the Liebster Award!

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