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Break Time

I’ve been toeing this line for some time, now. I sit here and struggle to come up with a post, or I spend some time during the week working on the beginnings of posts, then find myself on Monday or Friday mornings ripping my hair out to finish it off properly. At those moments, I think, “I should just call a time out, take a few weeks off, and come back to it.” And then, every single time I’m about to pull that particular trigger, I get a burst of inspiration, find something to write that is halfway decent (I think), and on I go for another week. Not this time.

This is not really about re-imagining the blog, or re-purposing it, or re-branding myself, or whatever. This is about a short break. As just about all of you know, there’s pressure in coming up with something of value twice a week. I don’t like the head-exploding feeling I get sitting here trying to turn something into something more. Writing books is hard enough, isn’t it? And rather than put myself through that stress, and then feeling guilty when I slide in a half a post with a music video thrown in, I’m just going to step away. Not for long, mind you. I’ll be back at the very least for Lisa Regan’s Aberrant blog hop (sign up today!), maybe sooner. And I’ll still be flitting around the blogosphere, dropping my pearls of wisdom (snort!) on your blogs.

Ahh, that’s more like it

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to find my suntan oil and a nice, cold Strawberry Daiquiri….

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  1. Yeah, definitely gotta take breaks once in awhile. I start to resent my blog posts when they feel like work instead of a way to connect and share stuff with people. Enjoy some time away.

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