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Digital Footprints

I heard this story–Keeping Track of Your Digital Footprints–yesterday, courtesy of our local NPR station. It’s about four minutes long, though the most important information comes in the first 3 or so. Check your settings, folks; pay attention to the information you’re putting out there when you upload your photos, etc. That is all for today.

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  1. I did know about turning off location information on photos. I saw an article about it a year or two ago and was shocked to learn that information was being sent with the photo. Also, I think it was Adam on Myth Busters who found out the hard way that people can find you through the digital information in your photos. He posted a picture of his car on Twitter or something, and a fan was able to find his house and show up at the door. That's kind of scary.

  2. I definitely think it's important to know how much we are sharing with complete strangers every time we post something on the internet. It's scary to think how easily a stranger can find things out about you, or your friends. Moreover, what they might do with that information.

  3. Most people worry about the government and how they're using (or going to use) that information. I think the bigger worry is out among the masses.

    I'm really not as paranoid as I sound.

  4. I hate to think of what my browser history looks like.

    Someone would think I was a weirdo. 🙂

    Greetings from Minneapolis,


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