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Breaking with my usual posting schedule to point out the anthologies, Summer’s Edge and Summer’s Double Edge (featuring my short, Last Man Standing) are now available from Elephant’s Bookshelf Press! Featuring 25 stories about short-term relationships from gifted writers (and familiar names from the blogosphere) such as Cat Woods, Mindy McGinnis and Jean Oram, and assembled under the watchful eye of Matt Sinclair, the stories should be great fun to read. I’m looking forward to it.

The books are available at Amazon and Smashwords as e-books, and will also be available in Print-On-Demand format via CreateSpace (that link is not currently working, I’ll update when it is).

Summer’s Double Edge on Kindle, Smashwords

Summer’s Edge on Kindle, Smashwords

Now to learn to walk the fine line between subtle, effective promotion and shove-it-down-your-throat-until-you-want-me-to-go-away-already excess. I think I’ll fade into the background until Friday, when I will try to post something related to all this that doesn’t make you want to hurl.

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  1. Not B&N? I thought Smashwords distributed books everywhere. Ahh, but what do I know? Nothing – haha!

    Congratulations on making it in the anthology. I'll have to go check it out!

  2. Congrats!! Nice summer release. And go for the big sell!! Get on Twitter and tell everyone it's available. NOW. :))

    Okay, I'll do it for you, if I must. 😛

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