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We Interrupt This Silence

I try not to break with my Monday-Friday posting schedule, because I know how we all like routine. A break from routine is upsetting, and I don’t want to upset you–or me, for that matter. Still, I figure this is worth a break in the routine.

Last night, Matt Sinclair, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at Elephant’s Bookshelf Press, sent over the cover images for the summer anthologies, one of which will contain my short story, “Last Man Standing.” Since I know how much we love cover reveals, I thought I’d share them with you.

I said ‘them’ because there will be two. Matt received an unexpectedly large number of quality submissions and decided that, rather than go with one super-huge edition, he’d go with two. Twenty-five short (or not so short, in my case) stories from familiar names, such as Cat Woods, Mindy McGinnis, Jean Oram, and many, many more, exploring the short-term relationship. From the Elephant’s Bookshelf blog:

As much as we all like to think about what might have been, we all know that not all relationships were meant to last. For you, perhaps it was a May to September romance that still tastes sweet, or a one-night stand that lasted too long, or maybe the haunting pain associated with a parent or child who died too young.

 I’m certainly looking forward to reading my fellow authors’ takes on this one. And now, without further ado, here are the covers:

Spiffy, eh? “Last Man Standing” will be in Summer’s Double Edge. Release date is July 15, details on where to find them forthcoming. And now back to your regularly-scheduled silence….

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  1. Woohoo! Love these! So many of my friends are pubbed in these. I've loved the 1st 2 anthologies – can't wait for these as well!

    I keep saying I'm going to try writing a short for one of Matt's anthologies but I haven't done it yet!! Maybe one of these days 🙂

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