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Musical Monday: “New”

For once, some new music, though it’s from an old source, and has a very familiar sort of sound. Kind of appropriate for our first full day of a new season.

I love fall. One of the things that’s so great, aside from the colors, is how much everything seems to change from day to day. Of course, every day is something new, but it’s really evident in fall.

Of course, there is one bad thing about fall: with the kids back in school, colds start spreading. Within the first two weeks of school, the sniffles and coughs and low grade fevers are passed back and forth among the kids, and then on to everyone else, and sure enough, I’ve got one. It’s not too bad, and I’ll get over it fast, but bleah.

How are you all doing?

9 Responses

  1. It's nice to hear an old (and I really mean that in this case) doing something new, rather than simply releasing outtakes and re-touched oldies.

  2. To much "share and share alike" this time of year. I got mine in early August. I hope that toughened up my resistance. *crosses fingers*

  3. I read the line 'I love fall' and seriously stared at it trying to figure out what you were talking about for around a minute. I had to keep reading before I figured it out. I feel a little slow now, but we always say 'autumn' instead of 'fall' in Australia.

    Hope you get past that cold soon! 🙂

  4. It's already gone, I'm happy to say.

    I read the first line of your response and figured you were confused because it's spring where you are!

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