Musical Monday: Lily Kershaw

Heard this song on the radio (yes, that’s right, the radio. Yes, I had to stream it, but there actually are stations out there playing new music!) last week and really liked it. This track is from Ms. Kershaw’s debut album. Melancholy mood music for a Monday in late October, it seems. Enjoy. Lot’s of […]

Stupid Little Truths

Almost two years ago (Really? It was two years ago already? Yes, yes it was) I wrote about truth in fiction. At that time, it was the poignancy and truth I recognized in the source material of the local high school production of Fiddler on the Roof. The point was that there were large truths […]

Musical Monday: Change In The Weather

This Musical Monday is brought to you by Mother Nature, who has seen fit to flip a seasonal switch in this little corner of the world. First, a shout-out to the Catbird and her teammates and coaches on the cross country team–they won their conference championship meet on Saturday!  On Friday at the office I […]

Random Thoughts on a Friday

It’s not yet 6 AM and I’m still working on coffee number 1. I was out at a board meeting until late last night, the Catbird needs a ride to school around 7, i.e., well before the bus, and I have a charter dinner to attend right after work. So, yeah, we’re on a random […]

Oh My Gosh, It’s a Day to Write!

Well, while Columbus Day doesn’t have the cachet it did when I was ten years old, I’ll happily take it as a day to write. And after spending the last hour or so struggling with a particularly difficult post on the recent brouhahaha over Lorde and her song, Royals, I’ve decided to shelve it for […]

Being Heard Over the Band

A week ago tomorrow (no, that’s not awkward at all, is it?), we ran an event. Let me first say it went pretty well overall, thank you all for your comments and best wishes. Let me also add that I barely got through this week. Monday afternoon, I felt the scratchy throat coming. On Tuesday, […]

Musical Monday: Neil Young

Wow. I’m much more tired than I thought. I should know by now that it’s the day after the day after that leaves you feeling like you got hit by Miley Cyrus and her wrecking ball (not to fear, folks, Cyrus’s video is not forthcoming from me; but did you see the words of advice […]

Pseudo-No Post Friday

There is no post today, and here’s why: At the tail end of July, I was hired by a local organization to fill a position on an interim basis. The previous occupant of said position was not up to the task. I was brought in because I know the boss and the boss knows me, […]