Happy New Year–And an Announcement!

EDITED BECAUSE I’M A NINNY Matt Sinclair, a regular contributor to the excellent blog From The Write Angle and chief brain behind Elephant’s Bookshelf Press, announced just before Christmas EBP’s next anthology (after Winter Regrets, that is). Here’s the announcement, ripped from EBP’s blog: Elephant’s Bookshelf Press is putting together an antibullying anthology for kids […]

The Awesome Spectacular

Remember back when I wrote about the impending series finale of Breaking Bad, and how I was afraid of the writers/producers giving in to the hype and screwing things up? No? You can read it here . Anyway, this is on my mind because of the last two episodes of that fabled show from across […]

Merry Christmas, Baby!

From the Conan O’Brien show eleven (!) years ago…. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas. Thanks for reading and putting up with me, and for sharing your thoughts and ideas in this space. Be well!


As you all know, because I keep telling you over and over and over again, the writers’ group I’m in is putting out a publication this spring, featuring work done in the group. I submitted four pieces which apparently got passed around among the editorial team. Last week I got an e-mail back from ‘my’ […]

Lazy Blogger

Well, it’s official–I’m getting sloppy with the bloggy. I missed last Monday, though I’m happy to say the world didn’t come to a fiery end because of it. I was actually working with great diligence on a post that was going to be about the horrible events that took place in the Boston-Pittsburgh hockey game […]

“Sticky” Books

My friend, Nancy S. Thompson, challenged me on Facebook the other day. The challenge? Name ten books that have stayed with me through the years, without overthinking. Of course, I’m not big on doing this sort of thing on Facebook. To me, Facebook is  best used for posting funny pictures, and sitting back and making […]

What Do We Want?

I’m back in the trenches, friends, once more fighting for attention, once more hoping my query stands out enough for agents to want to read pages, once more hoping and believing that my manuscript is good enough to bring me to the next step on the road to publication. As part of the process, I’ve […]

Ah, December

This post is coming to you from the Department of the Top of My Head. IN the sports world, when a team is struggling through a rough patch, every win is treated as something of great significance. “This game is could mark a turning point in the season,”  the broadcasters and beatwriters say. “They really […]