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Weekend Update

Greetings, all, hope everyone had a smashing weekend. There really wasn’t much to report on my front, things were pretty quiet around here. Let’s see….

-The weather has been…warm! Finally! Got in my first cutting on the lawn, which is usually bordering on out of control by the end of April. Mowing the lawn is one of those tasks that requires just enough engagement to really let the mind run. It’s a pain in the neck, especially early in the season, when I might have to do it twice in a week, but it’s also a good time to think and run through story ideas. Quality thinking time.

-As a result of cutting the grass, I got my first sunburn of the year. Nothing severe; no blisters, not especially painful, not likely to peel. I know current thinking on sun exposure (i.e., it’s bad), but I love it. Not the burn so much, but being out in it.

-The Magpie comes home on Tuesday. If all goes according to her plans, she will have a summer that’s a couple of weeks longer than usual, and will be studying overseas next year. It’s a scary thought, but exciting. I’m proud of how she’s grown and matured in the last couple of years.

-Not to be outdone, the Catbird came home from school awards night with a nice award that includes a good scholarship if she attends a particular college. This is not a school I’ve ever heard of, but we’ll definitely look into it more. It’s nice to see her recognized for all the hard work she puts in. She also qualified for sectionals in the 1500-meter run in track.

-‘Finished’ a project. Now, I’ve got two more that need attention, but I’m not sure which is ‘better’. I think it’s time to take a read through some pretty rough drafts. Ugh.

-The chestnut tree has still not leafed out, but I don’t think I can categorically declare it dead. The buds didn’t fall off it, but they haven’t obviously swelled. I take solace in the fact that trees leaf out after the stuff on the ground, but most of the trees are now popping leaves, and I would think a sapling would do everything possible to get the jump on the competition. Fingers still crossed.

That’s it for me, what’s going on with you?

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  1. I need to be getting ready for my trip south. I leave tomorrow and I haven't done much packing yet. Good thing I'm driving, so it's not like I have a flight to catch! Haha! Still… Don't know why I'm such a procrastinator.

    Oh, and not all our trees bloomed at the same time here, so don't stop holding out hope on your chestnut. Everything's all green here now. It's pretty.

  2. We won't be cutting grass for a couple more weeks yet – everything is soaking wet still. Waiting for our trees to bud – it's so pretty when they bloom! 🙂

  3. What great news about your kids! No wonder you're proud of them. Like you, I zone out and get good 'thinking' time in when I do certain chores. 🙂

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