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Well, howdy! I’m back, I think. I suppose we’ll know come Friday, when it’s time to post again. I may have something, or not (I think I will; that’s my aim, certainly). Hopefully, you’re all well and enjoying life. I figure I’ll start off easy enough today with some semi-random thoughts and observations.

First, submissions. I am out on submissions. It’s a lot like being out on query, except the responses don’t come directly to me. It’s great knowing there’s someone out there championing me and my work. The toughest part of it is trying not to pester Carrie with a barrage of “Anything yet? How about now?” e-mails. No news is neither good news or bad news–it’s just no news.

Speaking of book news, my writers’ circle anthology is at the printers. Our circle is hosted by a local non-profit arts association. Their official opening is Memorial Day (May 26), and we’ll be there to chat people up and do readings. One of our members has also arranged a signing for the following weekend at a local bookstore, which feels really…strange. I need to start rehearsing my piece.

Spring is springing, though we’re still getting night-time temperatures in the 30s. We’re at the weird, in-between time when it is sometimes colder in than out. My chestnut tree does not seem to be doing much yet. I’m hoping it’s just a slow starter.

In her blog post over the weekend, Bonnee Crawford asked, “What have you learned about writing this week?” I commented on her post, but did not answer the question. So, here it is, the same lesson learned that I have apparently not quite learned: I need to be more economical with my words. Case in point, this post, hah ha. This problem is especially bad on my opening chapters.

Came home from writers’ circle yesterday and found my wife and the Catbird watching Silence of the Lambs. That’s still a great movie.

I think I’ll stop there for now. How’s everyone doing?

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  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you (regarding the submissions). You might not be bugging your agent every two hours, but I bet you're still checking the e-mails, huh? Hard not to, isn't it?

  2. Don't let being on sub get you down. Editors can be very slow. I know people who waited a year – and then their book got a contract! Keep yourself distracted by writing something else. 🙂

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