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Monday Musing: It’s a Number

People love anniversaries and birthdays and milestones. We also attach special significance to certain numbers: 1–first anniversary, first birthday, one year in business. 10 because, well, 10! For that matter, anything that ends in a zero or a five. And of course, the quarters: 25, 75, and the real biggies: 50. 100. We really get into these numbers, don’t we? I don’t know why that is, but today we’re going to ignore those flashy numbers. Instead, we’ll salute a number that is so humble and unassuming no one ever celebrates it: 334.

Yes, this is post number 334 in my blogging life. 333 posts have gone before; I have no idea how many are still to come. It doesn’t matter. 334, this is your day, your moment–enjoy it.

334 has decided to celebrate by taking the day off. That’s it, then. Have a great day, everyone!

(Why, yes, I’m a little stretched for ideas today, how did you know?)

7 Responses

  1. -Donna–I figure if I can't enlighten, I might as well amuse!

    -L.G.–WTF Monday–I like it!

    -Stacy–That might be tempting something you don't want to tempt!

    -Jemi–whatever the number, celebrate it! (I'm big on ! today)

    -Anne–thank you, and welcome! I hope you find this space of interest for another 334 posts.


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