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This is Plus Size?

This is the end of the second straight WEEK FROM HELL, which is at the tail of the MONTH FROM HELL. It’s not that things have been bad, just…busy. Really, really busy. I’ve got to be out early today and tomorrow, and then things ease off a bit. I came downstairs, made some coffee and thought, ‘what am I going to post today?’ I’ve thought about things, but just haven’t had time to really organize my thoughts. Then I saw a story scroll across the feed on my Facebook page, about Robyn Lawley, a ‘Plus Size’ model from Australia who has posted a couple of unretouched photos of herself online and become a sensation.

I looked at the photo (how could I not? It’s not only right there on Facebook, it also turned up on my newsfeed on my home page), and all I could think was, “THIS is plus size???” (Yes, this gets three question marks; I almost used the dreaded interrobang)

Maybe she’s really, really tall. Like Wilt Chamberlain tall.

We do have a serious issue with body image in this world of ours, don’t we?

Have a great weekend, all.

Photo blatantly stolen from KTTV/Los Angeles, who likely stole it from Lawley’s instagram.

12 Responses

  1. I almost tweeted that same exact picture and question yesterday. If that woman is considered plus sized, things have seriously gone off the rails. WTF indeed.

  2. Man, if THAT is plus size, I'd hate to think what size I am! I'd have to STARVE to be like her. Well, it would certainly feel like starving in any case. 🙂

  3. Maybe it has something to do with how her shoulders appear to be wider than her hips, which is unusual for women? She looks very healthy at least. Maybe it's only meant to mean that all models who aren't at least her size (which is probably about the perfect weight, give or take a bit) are underweight and that all models should be "plus-sized." I'm not quite sure.

  4. Yikes. She's a beautiful woman and not at all a plus sized person. That's scary – and kind of showcases why so many women and girls struggles with self esteem and body issues!

  5. From what I have since found out, Ms. Lawley is 6'2" and I believe wears a size 12. I don't know what she weighs, but Donna H. mentioned seeing her collarbones, and her arms are also rather thin. Maybe I don't understand what 'plus size' means, or maybe my understanding of it is wrong. 'Plus size' to me implies more of a weight issue, and Ms. Lawley certainly doesn't look to have one of those.

    Thanks, all.

  6. I think fashion magazines think anyone who wears a size larger than a 4 is a plus size! Double-digits (10, 12, 14) — definitely a plus size. It's sad. The camera doesn't make you look THAT much bigger.

  7. At least she looks healthy as opposed to most of the models and half the actresses out there. Those girls are scary looking tooth-picks. What's wrong with interrobangs?! I like them. 😉

  8. -Stacy–The thing is, I understand where there could be a need for 'plus' sizes, but I'm not sure where you should shift something out into it's own department or special rack or whatever.

    -Lexa–She looks pretty health to me!


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