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Weekend Update

Good Monday morning to you, I hope you’re all well.

I did not pre-prepare a post for today–this may be me slipping back into my scrambling habits of “Oh, crud, it’s blog day! What do I post?”, or it just may be an aberration. Time will tell. I was going to say, not a lot happened over the weekend, but that’s not entirely true. The holiday on Friday, combined with the recent breaking of my internal clock (seriously, I’ve been waking–and getting–up earlier and earlier each day. I haven’t started seeing any little bald men with scissors, though) allowed me to get a big final push in so that I could send a new set of revisions on POWERLESS née BARTON’S WOMEN to Carrie on Saturday. Seriously, I think it took me longer to read through it than it did to actually do revisions!

Yesterday was a nice little day of relative rest. We did some shopping, which included a stop at a local bookstore for the Catbird, who has to do some summer reading for her English class next year. The bookstore is the one we did our signing at last month, and it looks like they’re sold out of our little anthology–hooray! There’s been some talk of a reprint, but I don’t know that that’s going to happen.

Now it’s time to look at other projects and figure out which to really did into. I think that means more reading of my own words, a squirm-inducing prospect for sure, especially as two of these are really raw, pure brain-dumping and meandering things that haven’t totally found themselves yet. Kind of like this post.

That’s it for me, did you have a good weekend? See you Friday!

6 Responses

  1. Nice to get those revisions in!
    We're renovating a bathroom and discovering all kinds of unpleasant things behind the walls. Yuck!!!

  2. Geesh, I hope my next round of revisions are that painless. No one has read the second half of my novel yet, so I'm sure I'll get some feedback requiring changes once it goes out to readers. And congrats on selling out of the anthology. 🙂

  3. Stacy–glad you had an enjoyable time–and yes, the near sellout is great (have since found we have 12 total left)

    Jemi–when we were cleaning out my parents' house, we kept hoping for a box full of Krugerrands–no such luck. Good luck with the renovation.

    L.G.–who said it was painless? However, the writing is always easier for me than the reading. I hope you get good feedback when your MS gets out to your readers.

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