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Musical Monday: Trigger Hippy

Even though videos have a tendency to disappear over time, leaving a hole in a blog post, I’ll put ’em up anyway. This is Trigger Hippy, a nice little group featuring several former members of the Black Crowes (maybe former members; I’m not sure of the Black Crowes are still a functioning band or not) along with the very accomplished Joan Osborne. This is a live recording made by someone who seemed like he was hanging right on Jackie Greene’s shoulder. It’s got a little Lake Street Dive to it (or maybe Lake Street Dive has a little Trigger Hippy vibe to them).

In other news…well, there’s not much other news. L.G. correctly pegged my mood last week with her comment (“Harrumph” was quite fitting). I find I’m still in a bit of a mood. At writers’ circle yesterday I wrote a short piece about flipping the calendar page that was rather negative. I almost posted it here today, but it needs a little more work than I’m willing to give it right now. We’ve turned the calendar page here, it’s September 1 AND it’s Labor Day here in the States, which is the official end of summer, though the celestial calendar gives us another three weeks. Normally, I like autumn, but this one’s bugging me. Probably because of the impending changes which I’ve already gone on about here at other times. Enough of that. Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. Hang in there, Jeff. This too shall pass, I'm sure. I'm kind of excited about fall coming. I just wish December was followed by April. 😀

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