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Blah, Friday

It’s Friday. Normally, I get my blog posts done in the morning, but I’ve been slipping lately. I haven’t been thinking about the blog post much this week (I lie; I’ve thought about it several times this week, but never got much beyond “Friday’s coming.”), and we went to the school musical last night which was fun (no, the Catbird opted to sit this one out; she’s on stage crew instead) but didn’t allow me the time to think or write.

Not only do I have no blog post today, I have not written anything on my NaNo this week beyond some scribbled notes. I’m just short of 25,000 for the month, but after Saturday’s brain-deflating splurge, I’ve been inconsistent. I’ll get going again–weekend’s coming.

Nope, nothing worthwhile here.

I was going to reach back into the ‘archives’–the vast file folder on my hard drive with ideas and started blog bits, but the one I was going to use, well, it was based on a news item that doesn’t look so reliable in hindsight.

And so, we need something goofy. I hope I haven’t put this one up before. I looked and couldn’t find it, so maybe I haven’t. Enjoy your weekend, all.

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  1. I know a lot of people who have spurts when doing NaNo. I'm sure you'll get inspired and start cranking out words soon. I'm not NaNo-ing, but was very impressed with myself when I wrote 1500 on my WIP's second chapter yesterday. Today, I realize it meanders and I've missed the whole crux of my character's story. So I'm trying to come up with a scene that shows her "theme"… and it looks like most of that 1500 will be tossed out. And that, my dear, is why I don't NaNo. I'd just end up with crap. 😛

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