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Stepping Back

After a rough week on the writing front, I managed to squeak out a few hundred words on Saturday followed by two good sessions Sunday which added about 3000 words to my current project. And, even better, I feel like those were 3000 pretty good words that add to my story. Yay. NaNo’s handy little statistical dashboard shows I’m averaging a hair over 1,700 words per day, and tells me I’ll ‘finish’ on November 30 (the previous weekend’s writing blitz added so much I was projected to finish around the 24th or 25th, so I’ve fallen back a bit). I still don’t know how ‘finished’ I’ll be at that point, but I’ll certainly be much further along than I was in October.

Meanwhile, I’ve decided it’s once again time to step back from this blog for a little bit. I woke up this morning with absolutely no clue of what I was doing today, an all-too common occurrence lately. I don’t want to subject you fine folks to these scrambly things that sound kind of self-pitying when I get right down to it (like Friday’s). I’ve got a lot of things on my mind besides my NaNo project right now. I don’t mind the work that goes into blogging (I like it, in fact, otherwise I would have stopped long ago), but it is a distraction for right now that I don’t need, so it’s time to take a step back. I figure I’ll still cruise around and read what you all have got to say, but it’s time for me to go quiet for a few weeks. Thanks for your support, I’ll see you soon!

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  1. November and December are both really tough months for me to blog. It's just so busy with all the holidays and trying to find time to write. I'll probably be a little scarce for awhile too. My poor blog is always the first to be sacrificed to the time gods. 🙂

  2. Glad the nano is moving along! I'm making up for a weekend away – but it's flowing pretty well still 🙂
    Enjoy your time away – hope it's productive and fun!

  3. Blog breaks are good, just like vacations from the day job are good. Take time to refresh and enjoy doing something different.

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